NY Dems Statement on Equal Pay Day


NEW YORK, NY – New York State Democratic Committee Chair June O’Neill today issued the following statement recognizing Equal Pay Day and the work done by both our Democratic leadership in Washington, and Governor David A. Paterson, to expand equal rights:


“Today our country marks Equal Pay Day and recognizes the obstacles American women have encountered in the workplace. Women in our country have long struggled to gain equal footing and despite some major achievements, women still earn 78 cents for every dollar earned by men.


But, our Democratic leadership has made it clear this type of discrimination will not be tolerated in our country. When President Obama took office in January, he sent a clear signal that it was time make serious changes. The first bill the President signed was the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act which makes it illegal for women to be paid differently than men for the same job.


Right here in our great state, Governor Paterson has made expanding equal rights a priority as well. He has been a staunch advocate for making New York a discrimination-free state that supports and promotes equality. We share the Governor’s vision that New York can and should be a progressive and tolerant state that leads the way in human and civil rights.


There is still much more to achieve, but with strong Democratic leaders like President Obama and Governor Paterson setting the course, our country – and our state – will continue to work toward ending discrimination on all levels.”


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