Behind in the Vote Count, Jim Tedisco’s Campaign Continues its Attempt to Prevent Thousands of Votes from Being Counted

GLENS FALLS, NY – As votes in the 20th Congressional District race continue to be counted, and Scott Murphy’s lead continues to grow, Republican Jim Tedisco’s campaign has ramped up its desperate efforts to prevent thousands of votes from being counted.


“Jim Tedisco is clearly growing increasingly desperate,” said June O’Neill, NYSDC Chair. “His campaign continues to push for votes to be thrown aside without any real basis for their dismissal – disenfranchising voters in a sad attempt to delay an inevitable loss.  Jim Tedisco is preventing residents in the 20th Congressional District from having the representation they deserve during the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.”


The Facts:


Today Tedisco said, “It’s a dead heat right now… You’ve probably seen what we’ve asked for, which is to have every single person who voted, especially our military personnel, have the opportunity to have their ballots counted.” [Politiker NY, 3/16/09]



However, his campaigns actions say something very different.

·        Before the polls even closed on Election Day, the Republicans filed a lawsuit to slow down the vote count. 

·        In court, on Monday, April 6, 2009 Tedisco’s campaign attempted to delay the counting of ballots until the next week. The State Supreme Court sided with Scott Murphy’s campaign and agreed that absentee ballots shall start being counted Wednesday, April 8 as scheduled. 

·        In Columbia County — which Murphy won on Election Day–absentee ballots started being counted today at 12:45 pm. Columbia County had agreed to count ballots until 6 pm today. At 4:20 p.m., Tedisco’s people just got up and walked out. In that 3.5 hour time period, the Tedisco campaign made 38 challenges, while the Murphy campaign only made one.

·        On Tuesday, April 14, Republicans challenged Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s ballot.


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