Tedisco and Giuliani: Out on the Trail and Out of Touch With Upstate New York

For over two weeks, Republican Jim Tedisco has refused to tell voters how he would’ve voted on President Obama’s recovery package. Today, he’s out on the campaign trail with Rudy Giuliani who believes that Wall Street fat cats should receive their $18 billion in bonuses, despite the fact that hard-earned tax payer dollars are keeping their businesses afloat [NY Daily News, 1/30/09].


“This out-of-touch duo needs to take a good, hard look around the 20th Congressional District. Thousands of Upstate residents have lost their jobs. People are struggling to pay their bills,” said June O’Neill, New York State Democratic Committee Chair. “We still don’t know how Jim Tedisco would’ve voted on the recovery package and his campaign companion seems set on paying out billions of dollars to people whose gross irresponsibility contributed to the current crisis. That is not leadership that fights for middle class and working families. Upstate New Yorkers need a leader who will stand up for them.”


The Facts:


While Rudy Giuliani was calling for billions of dollars in bonuses to be paid out…


President Obama admonished corporate America after the New York comptroller reported that Wall Street bankers received $18.4 billion in bonuses in 2008. “This is the height of irresponsibility. It is shameful,” the president said.  These are the same institutions “teetering on collapse” and asking taxpayers to bail them out while taxpayers are dealing with their own tumultuous finances, he said. [CNN, 1/30/09]


FACT: 1,700 Upstate New Yorkers lost their jobs between November and December 2008. [Bureau of Labor Statistics, Economic Release on Civilian Labor Force and Unemployment, 2/04/09]

FACT: The unemployment rate in Upstate New York rose from 5.78% to 6.67% between November and December 2008. [Bureau of Labor Statistics, Economic Release on Civilian Labor Force and Unemployment, 2/04/09]

FACT: Recovery Package Will Save or Create 76,100 Upstate New York Jobs


According to Christina Roemer, the Chair of the Council of Economic Advisors, and Jared Bernstein, the Chief Economist for the Vice President, the current Obama American Recovery and Reinvestment Act will save or create 76,100 jobs in Upstate New York.


The 20th Congressional District will benefit the most of any upstate New York congressional district from the recovery package. [Romer, Christina and Jared Bernstein. “The Job Impact of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan.”

January 9, 2009. Available at:




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