Jim Tedisco: Putting Politics Before the Best Interests of New Yorkers

Republican is too busy campaigning to show up for work


Republican Jim Tedisco seems to be too busy campaigning to do his job as Assembly Minority Leader. In recent weeks, Tedisco has opted to vote remotely so he could campaign, had campaign staff answer government-related questions, and refused to commit to attending leadership meetings about the budget. 


“It appears that Jim Tedisco has decided that campaigning is more important than showing up for work,” said June O’Neill, New York State Democratic Committee Chair. “During this exceedingly difficult economic period, Upstate New Yorkers need someone they can trust in Washington – not someone like Jim Tedisco who’s too busy playing political games to do the job he’s being paid for with hard-earned tax payer dollars.”


Today, the Times Union reported that:

  • “He wasn’t on the floor even as government reform bills that he sponsored came up for a vote — choosing instead to vote remotely as he accepted the GOP line for the congressional race.”


  • “…as state leaders grapple with an estimated $14.2 billion budget deficit, Tedisco has not committed to attending all leaders’ meetings that may be called on the budget.”

There’s also concern that…

  • “This has caused a bit of confusion between the government side and the campaign side of Tedisco’s operation. Calls to the Assembly minority office earlier this week on government business (questions ranging from the use of Assembly pool cars to staff members taking leaves of absences) were forwarded to the staffers working on the campaign.”

Read the whole story here:




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