Jim Tedisco’s Job Creation Record Doesn’t Check Out

WRGB CBS 6 Fact Check Finds Tedisco’s Job Creation Claim Manipulates Facts

Yesterday, WRGB CBS 6 TV in Albany fact-checked Congressional candidates Jim Tedisco and Scott Murphy’s first TV ads; while both ads discuss job creation, WRGB found that only one of the candidates, Democrat Scott Murphy, actually had a real role in growing businesses and fostering job growth.


“Career politician Jim Tedisco will say or do whatever it takes to win a vote – including manipulating the facts about his role in creating jobs,” said June O’Neill, New York State Democratic Committee Chair. “First, he refuses to tell voters why he won’t support President Obama’s recovery package which will put thousands of Upstate residents back to work. Now, he’s taking credit for creating jobs that he ‘didn’t really have a lot to do with.’ Its seems that the more voters in the 20th Congressional District get to know Jim Tedisco, the less they can trust him.”


Watch the clip here: 



Read the transcript:


Greg Floyd: Both Republican Jim Tedisco and Democrat Scott Murphy are running introductory commercials, long on sentimentality and short on specifics, but one thing they both talk about is there role in the creation of jobs. Take a listen.

Tedisco Commercial With Voice Over: Securing jobs, protecting our children.  Jim Tedisco for Congress.

Murphy Commercial With Voice Over: My company invests in upstate businesses.  I’ve helped create over 1,000 jobs.

Greg Floyd: We start our fact check with Jim Tedisco.  The fine print under those 3,000 jobs that he takes credit for helping to create.  Well S 6.863A and S.7721B, its state legislation that he voted for that created and later strengthened the Metroplex Authority.  That brings new business to Schenectady County, three thousand is the total number of jobs Metroplex says it has created, I checked on that.  But in talking to both sides, Democrats and Republicans who were there at the beginning they all agree that Tedisco didn’t really have a lot to do with the actual creation of Metroplex.  It was a project spearheaded by city, county and business leaders.  The Tedisco campaign counters that Tedisco was and still is one of Metroplex’s strongest supporters.

Greg Floyd: Now on to Scott Murphy.  He says he helped create more than 1,000 jobs.  Unlike Tedisco he gives no on-screen footnote to back up the claim so I asked the Murphy campaign for a breakdown of those jobs.  They provided me with dozens of documents that showed New York State companies that show Murphy, and his company Advantage Capital provided capital to, to get up off the ground and running.  Kionix, in Ithaca, 119 jobs created.  PECO Pallet in Yonkers, 47 jobs created.  Just a couple of examples.  Murphy’s signature is there on official State documents.  Many of the investments were done through a state program called CAPCO to help small businesses in financially distressed areas.  Now I also went one step further and I checked with some of those companies.  One of them is the Golden Goal Lacrosse Park in Fort Anne, a corporate headquarters in New Jersey, they were indeed very familiar with Scott Murphy and immediately confirmed for me that he has helped them create jobs.  I got the same story when I called that company Kionix in Ithaca.  And I can tell you though, that Murphy’s TV ad talks mostly about creating jobs here in our area, of course.  But the vast majority of those thousand jobs that he cites, well they were outside the 20th District.  Outside the Capital Region.  And of course as more ads come out you’ll get more fact checking, right here.


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