Governor David A. Paterson, NYSDC Announce Terence D. Tolbert Scholarship Fund

NEW YORK, NEW YORK Governor David A. Paterson announced last evening that the NYSDC would honor the memory of beloved political operative and community activist Terence D. Tolbert through the creation of a new scholarship fund.

“We are celebrating Terence’s life through the creation of this scholarship fund in his name,” said Governor Paterson. “The scholarship is a tribute to the inspiration he gave to those he touched, and will serve as a reminder of the legacy he leaves.”

Monies for the Terence D. Tolbert Scholarship Fund will be raised on an annual basis to support young men and women of color who want to learn about the nuts and bolts of our democracy.  Each year a scholarship will be awarded to deserving recipients to provide financial support that will allow them to accept an unpaid internship in which they would otherwise not be able to participate.

Through these internships, young Democrats will learn about the roles and responsibilities of the federal, state, or local Democratic official in whose office they intern.  Internships in the offices of the State Democratic Committee and County Democratic committees will also be considered.

“Terence was most proud of the work he did as a public service, education and child advocate,” said Frieda Foster-Tolbert. “He did his work with justice, duty and honor and this scholarship will enable others to do the same. I thank Governor Paterson and the Party for making this possible.”

Scholarships will be used to support a student or intern who otherwise would need to work during their college or graduate education or forego an internship opportunity in politics and government.  Students must be enrolled full or part time in college or graduate study.

More information and application for the scholarship will be announced in 2009.


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