New York State Young Democrats are a hardy bunch.

hough the temperature was uncomfortable (over 90 degrees) and the date was inauspicious (Friday the 13th) – they endured to put on a festive kick-off to their 2008 Convention and Candidate Training. I was proud to be there in Syracuse with them, and delighted to have been asked to swear in the new officers. I didn’t even mind being the oldest person in the room.
Newly elected President Matthew Silverstein and all the new officers are excited and enthused about their new roles. We at the State Party are looking forward to working closely with them as we move toward Democratic victories in November. It is obvious that the NYS Young Dems are in good hands.

In addition to the officers and other members of the NYS Young Dems, on hand for the swearing in was Onondaga County Chair, Diane Dwyer, and Assemblyman Al Stirpe. The Silversteins (Matthew’s justifiably proud parents) made the trek up from Queens to see him take the oath of office.

As I told the group, they are the future of the Democratic party. On behalf of all NY Democrats, I thank the officers and members for stepping up to the challenge. It was a great night!

~ June O’Neill


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