District Delegate Selection: What Happens Now?

Last month, shortly after we posted the results of the February 5th Presidential Primary here in New York, we posted a preliminary list of the Pledged District Delegates and Alternates who had been elected to go to the Democratic National Convention in August. As you can still see on the site, we emphasized how preliminary the results were, because we knew that the numbers were based on uncertified election-night results, and didn’t include things like absentee and provisional ballots. We expected to see changes once the official totals were in.

So what happens now?

Late last week we got the certified results from the State Board of Elections. These are raw vote totals for each of the candidates for President, Delegate, and Alternate, sorted by Congressional District. It is up to our office to take those raw numbers and translate them into winning Delegates and Alternates, using the formula outlined in our Delegate Selection Plan (just as we did with the preliminary numbers).

We’ve begun that process already, and we have several checks to run them through before notifying the winners, filing their names with the Democratic National Committee, and announcing them publicly. Check back around the middle of next week to see if we’ve posted by then.


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