Dispatches from the Field

One of the best ways for us to use our power to educate and reach out to others is by canvassing. With every step we take, every door we knock on, and every voter we speak with, we become agents of change. We come one step closer to electing a president that will set our country on a new path.

Participating in this process is easier than it may seem, as the new voter contact tool allows you to get involved immediately! When you create an account on the website, you’ll be provided with a list of voters in your neighborhood. You can print these out, along with a script to use when you talk to your friends and neighbors, and hit the streets!

Canvassing is a great opportunity to talk to people in your community. I think there is nothing more satisfying than speaking with voters and hearing their excitement about the election. Their enthusiasm is a real sign that people are ready for the changes a Democratic president will bring to our country.

–Lorella Praeli

Using the new VoterContact tool was a very interesting experience. At first, I was a bit scared because I had never done any kind of volunteering before, and I wasn’t sure how people would respond to it. But after getting on the website and realizing just how easy it was to use, I felt much more confident!

The website had both clear instructions on the tool and tips on how to relate to the people we would contact. The list from the site had very detailed instructions of what I had to do, so any apprehension I first felt went right out the window.

I think this tool will be a huge asset for the party in the upcoming election because it creates real, personal interaction in our communities – which is always more welcoming than simply reading an email. It gives supporters the opportunity to get more involved with what is going on with the Party. I thought it was great to be able to walk around my community and meet my neighbors – who I learned are just as passionate about this election as I am!

–Isa Garcez


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