Blogging from the Road – Everyday’s a New Adventure (Part 1)

With the amount of travel I do as State Chair you would think I had seen it all. That’s what I thought too. Wrong!

Got off to a good start on my trip to Denver for meeting of the State Association of Democratic Chairs. Not much traffic in NYC this AM. Friendly cab driver. Got to LaGuardia from hotel compulsively early (as usual.)
I (and I suspect you too) have done hundreds of times before, asked the lady sitting next to me to watch my bags while I went to restroom. Waiting area was full- big plane sold out. I did not want to lose my seat. Also did not want to drag bag with me.

Imagine my surprise when returning to gate to see police officers there talking to gate agent about my bags. Apparently someone reported them as unattended and police were called.

After a stern lecture about how they could have burned my bags, homeland security, etc I returned to my seat and boarded plane without incident.

A word to the wise. If you are travelling alone – take the bags to the bathroom ! More later.

~ June O’Neill

Update –
Well here I am in Atlanta airport. Nice surprise – I was bumped up to First Class on flight from NYC to here. I could get used to that!

No such luck on flight from here to Denver 😦 And this plane is completely full!

You definitely know you are in the South. Everyone calls you ‘hon’.

BTW I purchased the carbon offsets for my round trip to Denver. The DNC goal is to make our August convention carbon neutral. Just doing our small part to save the planet.


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