“The Winds of Change are Blowing From the North”

That was how Democratic Senator Darrel Aubertine described what is happening in New York, after he won an election in his North Country district, where registered Republicans outnumber Democrats almost two-to-one. The victory brought Democrats within one seat of being the majority party in the State Senate.

June O'Neill introducing newly-elected Sen. Aubertine at his victory party.
June O’Neill introducing newly-elected Sen. Aubertine at his victory party.

We at the State Democratic Party couldn’t be prouder of Darrel. Facing long odds and an onslaught of negative campaigning, he was able to convince his neighbors that after more than a century of Republican representation, their interests would be best served by a Democrat whose life experience was much like theirs.

It was a tough race, and we were thrilled to assist Darrel and his strong base of local support throughout the campaign. Among other things, the State Party contributed over $1.4 million to make sure that he was able to beat back the strong Republican machine, and “in-kinded”
our Upstate Political Director to serve as his campaign manager.

This Democratic win in the 48th shows that we can compete with Republicans on their 10-yard line anywhere in the state. There are no more “safe” Republican districts in New York.

And with that in mind—it’s on to November.


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